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Quest is a 1st person perspective view dungeon crawl.
the 3D rendering engine for Games::Quest3D.
a convienience function for creating a wall with an opening
a place to keep and account for valuables
Iron grate style door
a simple wooden beam
a basic bulding block for anything with a few flat sides
Combination of stuff to make a cubicle/hexacle office
(possibly animated) N.P.C.
a container for SimpleThings
2D GL GUI frame: collection of control buttons
a Thing to attach a near event (team_at) handler to; sort of a transporter
conveniece function to add an Opening with a Door of some type; defaults to WoodDoor
publish/subscribe style event mechanism
2D/3D button with text
Provide a GUI Canvas in OpenGL
Draw a circle on a GUICanvas
Render an image on a GUICanvas
Draw a line on a GUICanvas
draw a polygon (polyline?) on a GUICanvas
Base class for things that can be drawn on a GUICanvas
Frame is the parent for the GUI objects
label widget
Creates a window where the program can write scrolled text
Base class for the OpenGL GUI widgets.
voice like user interface message interface for game
2D/3D button with texture images for each state
Container class holding all maps, chars & items Saving GameState saves all needed to continue the game
Combination class that has two parts joined at a "hinge" line
2D GL GUI frame: collection of buttons and inventory item tokens
SimpleThing to unlock things with
horizontal plane like a floor or ceiling
Collection of items that make up a game location
storage for the Maps in a game, keyed by filename
SimpleThing that gives the power of 'birdseye_view'
Base class that provides useful capabilities for objects
Wall Openings (doorways, windows?) in game
2D GL GUIThing: drawing canvas
parses GameState and Map files
class for Things that are a part of composite Things: i.e, the lid of a chest
a decorative wall lamp
Signs in game - static and variable
Base class for items that may be carried and used by the Team
for map level transitions
Switches in game -- Object looks and acts like a switch
sharp, pointy subclass of SimpleThing
Team location and look direction and Inventory.
Collection of texture information, collects texture images from the image directory.
Base class for everything in the 3D part of the game
a decorative wall lamp
items of all kinds, a kind of SimpleThing with value
Data for creating text strings from vectors - used in scoreboards
Base class for voice-like user interface
a 3D volume of space in/on a Map do I explain this one?
a Door that seems to be part of the wall--hard to see
a Door that is made of boards with an iron handle
draw cylinders or Blocks from point 1 to point 2


in lib/OpenGL/QEng/