Changes for version 0.1404 - 2018-05-19

  • API Changes
    • Updated ::TrafficCamera to API version 0.2, which adds lat/long information to the camera devices.
  • Stats & Dependency Changes
    • 23 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)
    • (dev req) ~ Dist::Zilla 6.010 --> 6.012
    • (dev req) ~ Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git 2.041 --> 2.043
    • (dev sug) ~ Dist::Iller::Config::Author::CSSON 0.0320 --> 0.0321


An interface to the Open Data API of Gothenburg
Entry point to the Air Quality service
Get the latest air quality measurement
Get a collection of measurements
An air quality measurement
A list of air quality measurements
Entry point to the Bridge service
A change in status for Göta Älvbron
A list of bridge openings/closings
Is the bridge currently open?
A list of bridge openings
Entry point to the StyrOchStall bike rental service
Get data about a bike station
Get data on all bike stations
Entry point to the Traffic Camera service
Data about a traffic camera
Get the current image from a traffic camera