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Changes for version 0.022 - 2024-04-19

  • Do not call start on the background function in the batch span processor, this is handled automatically by the loop (GH #13)


An implementation of the OpenTelemetry SDK for Perl
An OpenTelemetry span exporter that prints to the console
A logical unit of instrumented code
Represents the entity producing OpenTelemetry data
The abstract interface for a sampler object
A sampler that will never sample
A sampler that will always sample
The result of a sampling decision
A single operation within a trace
A batched OpenTelemetry span processor
A basic OpenTelemetry span processor
A readable snapshot of an OpenTelemetry span
A class that governs the configuration of spans
A Tracer for the OpenTelemetry SDK
Provides access to SDK OpenTelemetry Tracers