Changes for version 1.004 - 2021-11-21

  • New features
    • system() integration (thanks to VTI)
    • context propagation support (thanks to chp9-u)
    • references now populated when sending to Jæger/thrift (thanks to chp9-u)
  • Bugs fixed
    • pid was not passed through correctly (thanks to chp9-u)
    • version field was not set when running local development copy (reported by VTI)


support for application tracing
application tracing
represents a group of zero or more spans
provides common logic between OpenTracing classes
application tracing
top-level class for integrating OpenTracing with other Perl modules
support HTTP::Tiny tracing
support tracing system calls
represents a single log message
information about a single process
support for Jæger binary Thrift representation of OpenTracing data
support for Zipkin v2 JSON representation of OpenTracing data
represents a span Reference
represents an operation or parent operation
tracks IDs and baggage for spans
wrapper around an OpenTracing::Span
wrapper object for tags
application tracing