Changes for version 1.05 - 2019-06-30

  • RT 129786: support older versions of pdftocairo (remove -antialias) RT 129789: bail out of tests if libcairo < 1.10.0 (recording support) RT 129790: croak on bitmap fonts, force tests to use known good font bugfix: print() horizontal centering now accounts for x_bearing bugfix: now records corrected filename in README.txt bugfix: Layout::ink() now returns a PDF::Cairo::Box new text methods autosize() and extents() new example


simple API for creating PDF files using the Cairo library
rectangle-manipulation library
a list of valid color names extracted from X11's rgb.txt file. This guarantees that they'll match color names used in Pango::Layout markups.
wrapper that adds some useful methods to Cairo fonts
wrapper for Pango layouts
a list of valid paper sizes to use in new() newpage(), and paper_size(), and their dimensions in points, extracted from papers.txt. Size names are converted to lower-case characters before lookup.
utility functions