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Changes for version v1.23.20 - 2022-03-19

  • fixed variable-clobbering warning in 02_encode.t
  • type-mismatch fixes for ccs ufunc counters https://github.com/moocow-the-bovine/PDL-CCS/issues/6
    • ccs ufunc counters (nbad, ngood, nnz) set out_type=>'indx' rather than out_type=>'int+'
    • ccs ufunc counters always clear nzvalsOut bad-flag in CopyBadStatusCode
    • ccs ufunc tests ensure $missing->type==$nzvalsIn->type


Sparse N-dimensional PDLs with compressed column storage
Backwards-compatibility module for PDL::CCS
Useful perl-level functions for PDL::CCS
Common pseudo-private routines for PDL::CCS::Nd I/O
PDL::IO::FITS wrappers for PDL::CCS::Nd
PDL::IO::FastRaw wrappers for PDL::CCS::Nd
LDA-C format text I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
Matrix Market Exchange Format text I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
PETSc-compatible I/O for PDL::CCS::Nd
Low-level matrix operations for compressed storage sparse PDLs
N-dimensional sparse pseudo-PDLs
Low-level binary operations for compressed storage sparse PDLs
Ufuncs for compressed storage sparse PDLs
Low-level utilities for compressed storage sparse PDLs


in CCS/Config.pm
in CCS/Version.pm