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Changes for version 0.58

  • Change: 7007a83dfa8753201b0e70dda20e43ab2e3eaf74 Author: Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <> Date : 2023-05-29 12:18:15 +0000
    • Expanded the loop detection tweaks to OpenBSD as well
    • Observed similiar clang warnings there as well
    • Made the constant and subname more generic


POE enabled CPAN smoke testing with added value.
smoker backend to POE::Component::SmokeBox
Base class for Backend smokers.
a backend for CPAN/CPAN::Reporter smokers.
a backend for CPAN::Reporter::Smoker smokers.
a backend for CPAN::YACSmoke smokers.
a backend for CPANPLUS::YACSmoke smokers.
a backend for Smoke In A Box smokers.
a backend to test excessive run kills.
a backend to test idle kills.
a backend to test looping output kills.
Object defining a SmokeBox job.
An array based queue for SmokeBox
object defining SmokeBox job results.
encapsulates a smoker object.