Revision history for Padre-Plugin-Catalyst

0.13   2010.12.08
    Fixed another test failure (AZAWAWI)

0.12   2010.12.08
    Fixed a t/01-perl_interpreter.t failure when DISPLAY is not set (AZAWAWI)

0.11   2010.12.06
    Restored missing POT/PO translation sources (Damyan Ivanov, AZAWAWI)
    Switched to Dist::Zilla (AZAWAWI)
    Code cleanup (AZAWAWI)
    Removed unused ExtUtils::Install (AZAWAWI)
    Fixed 'Update Application Scripts' on win32 (AZAWAWI)

    compatibility with newer Padre versions (ZENOG)

    disabling plugin's own panel until it's properly fixed
    fixed Build.PL requirements (ticket 53616 - thanks Jens Rehsack for reporting!)
    fixed bug where the plugin dies when trying to call helper methods while not in
    a catalyst project. What we do now is disable the whole menu (ticket 53603 - 
    thanks Alexander Hartmaier for reporting!)

    now plugin uses its very own panel (zamolxes' wishlist) 
    updated documentation for better clarification (Philip Potter)
    menu redone with menu_plugins(), allowing us to gray-out menu options
    now "start server" and "stop server" enable/disable each other
    crediting previously unsung translators (Ishigaki Kenichi (ishigaki) 
    for japanese and Sebastian Willing (SeWi) for german)

    There was no version 0.06. Mythical? No one shall ever know ;)

	Added option to update application scripts (upgrade your app to a new version of Catalyst) (garu)
    Renamed to the new Padre 0.43 PO naming scheme (azawawi)
    Fixed "start server" helper (jason best)

	Added Spanish translation (BRUNOV)
    removed taint mode for test, leading to build failures (jquelin)
	Added Catalyst Community Live Support (garu)
	Expanded Catalyst Tutorial to a submenu, updated to newest version (garu)

	Default model name set to 'DB', type set to DBIC::Schema (if available) (GARU)
	Added translation support (SZABGAB)
	Added translations:
	- Arabic                (AZAWAWI)
	- Brazilian Portuguese  (GARU)
	- Chinese (Traditional) (BLUET)
	- Dutch                 (DDN)
	- French                (jquelin)
	- Polish                (THEREK)
	- Russian               (SHARIFULN)

0.02    2009-04-08
        Now working on MS-Windows too  (FAYLAND)
        Added "create new model" window (GARU)
        Added "create new controller" window (GARU)
        Added checkbox to shorten MVC names while creating a new app (GARU)
        Added plugin icon (tiny Catalyst logo) (GARU)

0.01    2009-03-31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.