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Changes for version 1.400 - 2015-03-14

  • Bump version number to be greater than all previous releases. Palm::StdAppInfo 1.20 was released in p5-Palm 1.008, but p5-Palm 1.009 contained Palm::StdAppInfo 1.009. The other modules had similar issues. Version numbers shouldn't go backwards. I'm jumping them to 1.400 to match Palm::PDB. (reported by David Cantrell - Palm::PDB GitHub#1)


Palm OS utility functions
Handler for Palm OS AddressBook databases
Deal with various Palm OS date/time formats
Handler for Palm OS DateBook and Calendar databases
Handler for Palm OS Mail databases
Handler for Palm Memo databases.
Handle standard AppInfo blocks in Palm OS PDBs
Handler for Palm ToDo databases
Handler for Palm Zire71 Photo thumbnail database