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Changes for version v0.6.0 - 2024-05-27

  • Add building with modern Cosmopolitan Libc with cosmocc 3.3.10 cosmocc automatically installs itself making running `apperlm install-build-deps` unnecessary Add download and building from Perl tarballs. Add patch loading system so Perl changes can be maintained from this repo. Can locate "share" dir even when used from APPerl. Fix install_modules not linking all extensions. Devel::PPort and DynaLoader weren't being linked in This caused to fail to load its XS Improve apperlm list Include ErrnoRuntime in small builds Deprecate vista builds Without cosmocc being avaiable on the port, they have to be maintained essentially seperately. Remove most of the versioned configs, they were far behind the rolling release / unnamed builds and often changed with them. Make $^X more reliable by using Cosmos's GetProgramExecutableName Set $Config{perlpath} to $^X (GH#6) Fix APPERL_DEFAULT_SCRIPT search by including nul in string.


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