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Changes for version 0.74 - 2020-03-15

  • fix detect numbering =items
  • update pod


convert pod6 to ANY
convert Perl pod to DocBook
convert pod6 to Latex
convert Perl pod to XHTML


Pod6 implementation
base class for Perldoc blocks
Verbatim pre-formatted sample source code
handle =comment block
handle =head - Headings
handle =input block
Nesting blocks
handle =output block
handle =para -ordinary paragraph
Simple tables
synonyms for longer Pod sequences
handle =config directive
handle =use directive
base class for formatting code
Replaced by contents of specified macro/object
Basis/focus of sentence
Contained text is code
include named Unicode or XHTML entities
handle "L" formatting code
handle "P" formatting code
Space-preserving text
set of grammars for Pod6
generate attribute id for elements
Filter for handle custom codes
set of useful functions
test lib
base class for output formatters
DocBook formater
XHTML formater


in lib/Perl6/Pod/Block/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Lex/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Lex/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Parser/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/To/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Utl/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Utl/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/
in lib/Perl6/Pod/Writer/