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Changes for version 0.07

  • fix commit (detach_all wasn't called for transaction_management eq 'transation')
  • fix tests for MYSQL/PostgreSQL (updated sql scripts)


Abstract class for MOP attribute object.
Adapter to Abstract::Meta::Class meta object protocol.
Persistence API for perl classes.
Persistence entity manager.
Database entity query.
Fetching method base class.
LOBs mapping object.
Index of the Manual
Persistence actions..
Introduction to Persistence::Entity.
Large objects attributes persisitence.
Object relationships
The primary key value generator.
Persisitence meta definition object.
Persistence meta object xml injection
Object-relational mapping.
Object relationship mapping
Many to many relationship
One to many relationship.
To one relationship
Unqiue value generator.
Unique value generator based on database sequence
Unique value generator based on database table