provedaia - run DAIA test suites


version 0.55


provedaia [<OPTIONS>] [<FILES>]

   -?|-h|--help          show this help
   --version             show version
   --server URL-or-file  set base URL of DAIA server or load PSGI script
   --end                 skip everything until __END__ in input
   --combined            use files as both, server and test suite
   --verbose             more diagnostic messages


This script can be used to test DAIA servers. The output conforms to Test Anything Protocol (TAP). Tests can be provided to this script from files or from standard input. If option --end or option --combined is set, tests start after the __END__ marker, so both implementation and tests can be in one file. See the bottom of examples/ for an example.

Test syntax is described in module Plack::App::DAIA::Test::Suite, which this script is based on. Basically, a test is a set of document identifiers to be queried to a DAIA server, and a set of (partial) DAIA responses that the server is expected to return. A typical usage scenario for this script is:

  • Implement a DAIA server, for instance in myapp.psgi and run it, for instance at http://localhost:5000/.

  • Write some test suites for the DAIA server, for instance in test1.txt and test2.txt.

  • Run provedaia as

      provedaia --server myapp.psgi test1.txt test2.txt

    or as

      provedaia --server http://localhost:5000/ test1.txt test2.txt

    If implementation contains its own test suite, one can also call

      provedaia --combined myapp.psgi


Jakob Voß


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Jakob Voß.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.