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Plack::Loader::Shotgun - forking implementation of plackup


  plackup -L Shotgun


Shotgun loader delays the compilation and execution of your application until the runtime. When a new request comes in, this forks a new child, compiles your code and runs the application.

This should be an ultimate alternative solution when reloading with Plack::Middleware::Refresh doesn't work, or plackup's default -r filesystem watcher causes problems. I can imagine this is useful for applications which expects their application is only evaluated once (like in-file templates) or on operating systems with broken fork implementation, etc.

This is much like good old CGI's fork and run but you don't need a web server, and there's a benefit of preloading modules that are not likely to change. For instance if you develop a web application using Moose and DBIx::Class,

  plackup -MMoose -MDBIx::Class -L Shotgun yourapp.psgi

would preload those modules and only re-evaluates your code in every request.


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa with an inspiration from