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Changes for version 0.39 - 2018-03-11

  • Deprecated. See


PlugAuth server
Plug auth command line client
Change your PlugAuth password
Guide for authenticating and authorizing against a PlugAuth server
Guide for writing PlugAuth plugins.
Guide for setting up a PlugAuth server.


Self authentication for PlugAuth
(Deprecated) Pluggable authentication and authorization server.
PlugAuth Client
Audit log for authentication/authorization
Disable accounts which belong to a group
Authentication using Flat Files for PlugAuth
Authorization using flat files for PlugAuth
PlugAuth plugin that provides a user list without authentication.
Test Plugin server
Role for PlugAuth authentication plugins
Role for PlugAuth authorization plugins
private role used by FlatAuth and FlatAuthz.
Role for PlugAuth plugins
Role for PlugAuth reload plugins
Role for PlugAuth reload plugins
routes for plugauth
Private package for Test::PlugAUth::Plugin::* modules
Test a PlugAuth Auth plugin for correctness
Test a PlugAuth Authz plugin for correctness
Test a PlugAuth Refresh plugin for correctness