Changes for version 0.20

  • Removed usage of UNIVERSAL isa and can as functions, will correct a deprecation warning with Perl 5.11. Fixed a bug with nodes->from_pod which did not work as documented. Corrected some minor errors with documentation formatting. Added test coverage for from_pod.


Pod Abstract Filter. Transform Pod documents from the command line.


Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents
Build new nodes for use in Pod::Abstract.
Generic Pod-in to Pod-out filter.
paf command to insert explict =pod commands before each Pod block in a document.
paf command to remove =pod commands from the begining of Pod blocks.
paf command to remove non-processed (cut) portions of a Pod document.
paf command to find specific nodes that contain a string.
paf command for basic multipart section numbering.
paf command to perform a method documentation overlay on a Pod document.
paf command to alphabetically sort sub-sections within a Pod section
paf command to show document outline, with short examples.
paf command to turn source code into verbatim nodes.
paf command to remove "overlay" blocks from a Pod document, as created by the paf overlay command.
Pod Document Node.
Internal Parser class of Pod::Abstract.
Search for POD nodes matching a path within a document tree.
generate a global sequence of serial numbers.
Manage a level of Pod document tree Nodes.