Changes for version 0.002000 - 2021-08-20

  • add BUILDARGS, FOREIGNBUILDARGS, and VERSION to list of private methods
  • add documentation on what DEFAULT_PRIVATE contains
  • only check for roles using DOES if it has been overridden
  • fix trust_pod option
  • allow =for Pod::Coverage::TrustMe and =for Pod::Coverage::TrustPod to mark trusted methods
  • improve debug output of tests
  • renamed trustme option to trust_methods, keeping the old name as an alias
  • renamed nonwhitespace option to require_content, keeping the old name as an alias
  • add trust_packages option to list specific packages to trust
  • improve documentation of defaults
  • add additional options to pod-cover-trustme script
  • add tests for interaction with Moo roles
  • stop using in tests to avoid extra prereq


Report Pod coverage for modules


Pod::Coverage but more powerful
Parse pod for checking coverage
Test Pod coverage