Changes for version 0.103006 - 2022-12-31

  • update packaging and metadata
  • minimum required Perl is now v5.12


work with nestable Pod elements
a paragraph that always displays an extra blank line in Pod form
a paragraph that chomps set content
a =command paragraph
a pod document
a series of blank lines
a non-pod element in a Pod document
a Pod text or verbatim element
an element that is a command and a node
a Pod5 =command element
a non-pod element in a Pod document
a Pod5 ordinary text paragraph
a region of Pod (this role likely to be removed)
a Pod verbatim paragraph
a content-only pod paragraph
a thing with Pod::Elemental::Nodes as children
it turns a Pod::Eventual event stream into objects
a paragraph in a Pod document
predicates for selecting elements
something that transforms a node tree into a new tree
gather related paragraphs under a shared header
group the document into sections
the default, minimal semantics of Perl5's pod element hierarchy
data types for Pod::Elemental