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Changes for version 0.06

  • Added Perlpoint::Import::POD module, according to the parsers (0.43) new standard import filter API. Significant parts of the source come from the POD import filter of PerlPointCD which is used for years to produce German Perl Workshop CDs, so this is stable code.
  • December 2004
  • Prepared for PerlPoint::Parser 0.40, which will no longer interpret unset or reset variables. For this reason, the $__pod2pp__empty__ variable cannot be used to guard generated text paragraphs when producing for a modern parser.
  • Luckily, the 0.40 parser introduces dotted text paragraphs, which are exactly what we need. So, a new method Pod::PerlPoint::configure() can switch to dotted texts. Likewise, a new option -parserversion tells pod2pp which parser shall process the generated texts, and adapts its Pod::PerlPoint handling accordingly:
    • pod2pp -parserversion 0.40 ...
  • May 2004
  • Pod::PerlPoint now accepts embedded PerlPoint:
    • =for perlpoint A \I<PerlPoint> text
    • =begin perlpoint
    • @| column 1 | column 2 cell 1 | cell 2 cell 3 | cell 4
    • =end perlpoint
  • Bugfix: X<word> was translated into \X<word>, while its meaning is \X{mode=index_only}<word>.
  • January 2003:
  • Headlines are now preceded by explicit empty lines, avoiding trouble with first headline detection (which could be recognized as text before).
  • Bugfix in \L tag generation: Pod::PerlPoint 0.02 produced "a" options instead of "url".
  • The special variable $__pod2pp__empty__ is now set up in the generated PerlPoint source, a user has no longer to take care of it.
  • December 2002:
  • Reimplementation on base of Pod::Simple.
  • September 2002:
  • Version 0.01, derived from Pod::Text, on base on Pod::Parser. It worked fine, but unfortunately Pod::Parser did not offer direct string processing.
  • Never releaed on CPAN.


a POD to PerlPoint translator


a standard PerlPoint import filter for POD
a POD to PerlPoint converter class