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Changes for version 1.31

  • Fixed pod error as reported by CPANTS.


translate module PODs to HTML
generate Perl documentation in HTML
translate a tree of PODs to HTML
translate a POD to HTML


Create a static syntax tree for a POD
Generate HTML from a Pod::Tree
nodes in a Pod::Tree
translate program PODs to HTML
translate Perl distribution documentation to HTML
translate perlfunc.pod to HTML
translate module PODs to HTML
map names to URLs
translate Perl PODs to HTML
generate a top-level index for Perl PODs
Convert a Pod::Tree back to a POD


in lib/Pod/Tree/BitBucket.pm
in lib/Pod/Tree/HTML/LinkMap.pm
in lib/Pod/Tree/HTML/PerlTop.pm
in lib/Pod/Tree/PerlUtil.pm
in lib/Pod/Tree/StrStream.pm
in lib/Pod/Tree/Stream.pm