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Changes for version 0.06 - 2013-11-15

  • Add callbacks 'before_loop_cb' and 'loop_iteration_cb'. 'before_loop_cb' gets called before the main loop (so is called only once per worker process), and 'loop_iteration_cb' is called for every iteration of the worker loop. Both callbacks may optionally return a guard object. This is useful, for example, to apply changes that are only applicable for 1 loop iteration, and you want to reset it again on the next iteration
  • Change loop structure so that database handle is fetched for each iteration of the loop. This means that if you're providing a callback for 'dbh' parameter and you want to keep using the same handle, you need to cache it somehow.
  • Delays between loop iterations are randomized. This means that if you specify a 1 second delay, the actual amount of sleep time is rand(1), not 1.


Worker Object Receiving Items From Q4M