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Changes for version 0.08

  • support for RDFS++ inferencing
  • noted that namespaces DO NOT work when using add(), replace() and match()
  • added tests for range queries on integers, floats and dateTimes
  • added NAMED_TUPLE_LIST option to sparql querying to also get access to the variable names


Client implementation for the AllegroGraph tuple server
AllegroGraph catalog handle (abstract)
AllegroGraph catalog handle for AGv3
AllegroGraph catalog handle for AGv4
Simplistic Interface to AllegroGraph HTTP server
AllegroGraph repository handle
AllegroGraph repository handle for AGv3
AllegroGraph repository handle for AGv4
AllegroGraph server handle
AllegroGraph server handle for the AGv3 series
AllegroGraph server handle for v4 AG servers
AllegroGraph session handle for AGv4
AllegroGraph transaction handle for AGv4


in lib/RDF/AllegroGraph/
in lib/RDF/AllegroGraph/