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Changes for version 0.51

  • February 19, 2007
    • Makefile reporting dependencies in CPAN-compatible way
    • added basic test suite
    • minor fixes


An object oriented Perl modules for handling tasks related to RDF.
RDF constant definitions
an object that provides access to a set of statements
Enumerator that can be used with DB_File storage.
Enumerator in memory
gets a query object that RDF::Core::Query parsed and evaluates the query.
a package of functions for query language.
a literal value for RDF statement
RDF model
interface between model and RDF::Core::Parser
interface between model and RDF::Core::Serializer
RDF model set
an ancestor of RDF::Core::Resource and RDF::Core::Literal
produces literals and resources, generates labels for anonymous resources
RDF Parser
Implementation of query language
a resource for RDF statement
The RDF Schema access
produce XML code for RDF model
RDF statement
An abstract ancestor of storage implementations
Berkeley DB 1.x implementation of RDF::Core::Storage
An in-memory implementation of RDF::Core::Storage
PostgreSQL implementation of RDF::Core::Storage