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Changes for version 0.008 - 2013-09-20

  • Bug Fixes
    • Author test cases cope better with newer RDF::Trine versions which are less tolerant of ill-formed IRIs.
    • Avoid IRI-encoding things that are already fully-formed IRIs. Fixes RT#88816. Vladimir Alexiev++ <>
    • Correctly skip generating triples when fields are null. Fixes RT#88815. Vladimir Alexiev++ <>
  • Packaging
    • Use Dist::Inkt.
  • Other
    • Added: Support rrx:languageColumn. Vladimir Alexiev++
    • Misc refactoring and tidying.
    • Updated: Stop using smart match operator and given/when (which each provoke warnings in Perl 5.18.x) in favour of match::simple and for/if respectively.


map relational database to RDF declaratively
mixin for converting SQL datatypes to RDF (XSD) datatypes
map relational database to RDF directly
provides functionality that was removed from RDF::Trine::Store 0.140
map relational database to RDF using R2RML
map relational database to RDF easily
avoid escaping most characters and hope for the best!


in lib/RDF/