Changes for version 1.097 - 2012-06-07

  • (Addition) Two new methods for RDF::TrineX::Parser::RDFa - rdfa_flavour and rdfa_version.
  • (Update) @role no longer respects @vocab.
  • Add RDFa1.1+role test suite to 'xt' - tests all pass.

Changes for version 1.096_04 - 2012-05-24

  • (Addition) RDF::TrineX::Parser::RDFa - a less crufty API layered on top of RDF::RDFa::Parser.
  • (Update) Implement minor changes for new version of Atom+RDFa draft spec.

Changes for version 1.096_03 - 2012-05-20

  • (Addition) New output_graph and processor_and_output_graph methods.
  • (Addition) RDF::RDFa::Parser Distiller PSGI in the 'examples' directory.
  • (Bugfix) Fix crash in RDFa version guessing.
  • (Packaging) Lots more work on 'xt' tests - can now output EARL, which is bundled in the 'meta' directory of the release.
  • Allow unparsable markup (i.e. DOM cannot be generated) to result in a simple error (reported via error callbacks, etc) rather than croaking.
  • ERR_CODE_CURIE_UNDEFINED is now a warning, not an error.
  • Slight improvements to processor_graph, to allow it to pass test cases from RDFa 1.1 test suite.

Changes for version 1.096_02 - 2012-05-17

  • (Addition) XHTML5 is now a host language in its own right - a mashup between HTML5 and XHTML1, but with added xml:base support.
  • (Bugfix) The xml:base attribute was being ignored in a few places when it shouldn't have been.
  • (Packaging) Now passing RDFa 1.1 test suite for RDFa 1.1 in XML, SVG and XHTML5.
  • (Packaging) Promote an old OpenDocument example to a test case.

Changes for version 1.096_01 - 2012-05-16

  • (Addition) RDF::RDFa::Parser::InitialContext.
  • (Addition) Support HTML5 <data> element, and @value attribute.
  • (Addition) Support HTML5 <time> element, and @datetime attribute.
  • (Bugfix) Support CURIEs which end in colon.
  • (Bugfix) When _:foo found in a predicate, don't generate a random bnode identifier, instead treat as a weird URI.
  • (Packaging) Currently passing RDFa 1.1 test suite for RDFa 1.0 and 1.1 in HTML4, HTML5 and XHTML1 ('xt' tests, available in repo but not on CPAN).
  • (Packaging) Start cleaning up 'examples' directory.
  • (Removal) Dropped a little relative URI resolution hack that I don't think is needed any more.
  • (Removal) Remove @profile support, plus entire profile mechanism.
  • (Removal) Roll back @inlist plus @rev support.
  • (Update) @vocab takes precedence over terms.
  • (Update) Change RDFa 1.1 @typeof bindings; can bind to objects.
  • (Update) Implement support for @property with resource objects.
  • (Update) Replace rdfa:hasVocabulary predicate with rdfa:usesVocabulary.


flexible RDFa parser
configuration sets for RDFa parser
initially defined lists of prefixes and terms
DOM representation of an OpenDocument Format 1.2 file
RDF::Trine::Parser-compatible interface for RDF::RDFa::Parser