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Changes for version 0.08

  • Better test of proper loading of roles when building server classes.
  • Test 07 properly detects required modules


standalone RDF server daemon


toolkit for building RDF servers
useful constants used by the framework
exception classes
handles rendering an object in a particular format
Work with Atom documents
Work with JSON documents
Work with RDF/RSS documents
defines how the server speaks over the protocol
defines how RDF::Server communicates with the world
methods to use RDF::Server in another program
FastCGI protocol handler for RDF::Server
POE-based standalone HTTP server
renderable resource that holds resources
manages handling part of a URL path
triple store role
requirements for a mutable resource
role for resources that can be rendered
expectations of a resource object
RDF service with Atom-ic semantics
supports use of Atom category documents
supports use of Atom collection documents
supports use of Atom service documents
supports use of Atom collection documents
RDF semantic for the RDF::Server framework
Moose types used by the RDF::Server framework
convenience class for managing XML documents


in lib/RDF/Server/Resource/
in lib/RDF/Server/Semantic/Atom/
in lib/RDF/Server/Semantic/RDF/
in lib/RDF/Server/Semantic/RDF/
in lib/RDF/Server/Semantic/RDF/