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Author image Andrea Guzzo

Changes for version 0.13

  • fixed support for Mifare classic 1K and 4K (was broken since 0.11)


Perl extension for libnfc (Near Field Communication < http://www.libnfc.org/ >)
Access libnfc-compatible tag readers
base class for specific tag implementations
base class for ISO14443A_106 compliant tags. You won't never use this module direcctly but all the logic common to all ISO14443A_106 tags should be placed here (and inherited by all specific tag-implementations)


in lib/RFID/Libnfc/Tag/ISO14443A_106/Classic.pm
in lib/RFID/Libnfc/Tag/ISO14443A_106/Classic/1K.pm
in lib/RFID/Libnfc/Tag/ISO14443A_106/Classic/4K.pm
in lib/RFID/Libnfc/Tag/ISO14443A_106/Classic/MINI.pm