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Changes for version 0.002

  • Significant changes to the interface. The new interface is more general, and should allow different readers to be addressed with roughly the same interface, much like accessing different databases with DBI drivers. An attempt at backwards compatibility has been made, but it's half-hearted at best. See the perldoc for details. Now built on top of general classes from RFID::Base and RFID::EPC.
  • Support for continuous reading mode has been removed, at least temporarily. I found it unreliable, and there isn't a way to fit it into the new driver model yet. The code is still there if anybody wants to try turning it back on.


Implements the Matrics CRC algorithm.
Abstract base class for a Matrics RFID reader
Implement RFID::Matrics::Reader over a serial link
Implement RFID::Matrics::Reader over a TCP connection
A fake implementation of RFID::Matrics::Reader for testing
Object representing a single proprietary Matrics tag.