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Changes for version 0.20 - 2010-01-13

  • update JSON serializer to use latest JSON module


A lightweight yet flexible framework for remote process communication.
Lightweight RPC client framework.
An error response from an RPC::Lite::Server.
"Quantizes" messages to/from streams.
encapsulates and RPC::Lite request.
Response object for RPC::Lite.
Base class for RPC::Lite::Serializers.
The 'null' serializer.
Lightweight RPC server framework.
Manages a client session. Used internally.
Manages all sessions for an RPC::Lite::Server.
Object representation of method signatures.
Transport base class.


in lib/RPC/Lite/
in lib/RPC/Lite/Serializer/
in lib/RPC/Lite/Serializer/
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in lib/RPC/Lite/Transport/