Changes for version 1.44

  • Fixed some small typos in the POD.
  • Added "on_missing_ds" parameter to the new() constructor method to detemine what action should be taken when the user tries to update or insert new data point values in an RRD for a data source name that does not exist.
  • Added "tmpdir" parameter to the new() constructor method to force any temporary files to be created in the specified directory. This is only used in the add_source() / _modify_source code.
  • Added a number of additional TRACE() statements in the code to aid debugging with the DEBUG=1 environment variable.
  • Changed graph() so that there is no longer an AVERAGE VDEF vname generated for each data source by default. See the updated example on drawing average lines in RRD::Simple::Examples.
  • Changed graph() method to allow undef or '' (empty) values to be passed in for the sources parameter. This is useful if you do not want to draw and data source values directly on the graph but instead only want to plot CDEF values. As a result and requirement of this change, the DEF statements for each and every data source in the RRD file are always defined early on in the commands passed on to
  • Added a new example to RRD::Simple::Examples to show how to generate predictive graphs to provide basic capacity planning. See examples/mem_usage-monthly.png for the example output.
  • Added a new "periods" parameter to the graph() method to restrict which graphs will be generated. For example, "weekly, month" could be specified to only generate those two graphs. This is useful if you want to use the SHIFT command to produce a capacity planning graph based on the last 6 months projecting in to the next 6 months in an annual graphing period.
  • Updated version of in the examples sub-directory of this distribution, inside the "rrd-server" directory.


Examples using RRD::Simple


Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files