Changes for version 0.1.5 - 2020-08-17

  • Added suport for Katex math expression
  • Improved Emphasis regular expression <>
  • Improved bold regular expression to refine what non-space character means <>
  • Updated link, link definition and their extended version to avoid confusion with footnotes
  • Added support for checkbox <>
  • Updated dashed header, including extended ones. See <> and <>
  • Added support for strikethrough extension. See <>
  • Added test units for subscript and superscript
  • Improved paragraph regular expression <>
  • Improved image regular expression <>
  • Improved image extended regular expression <>
  • Added suppot for insertion (++). See here for more information <>
  • Updated table regular expression to work better. See here for more information <>
  • Improved regular expression for code block and its extended version to avoid capturing any leading new lines and ensuring they are standalone. See respectively <> and <>
  • Updated the header and extended header regular expressions to make them less greedy on the trailing new lines. See here <>, and here <> and here fore extended regexp: <> and <>
  • Change extended code block regular expression to become a combined version with the non-extended one. See here <>
  • Updated link to avoid catching image. See <>


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