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Author image Jonas Smedegaard

Changes for version v3.8.0 - 2021-07-27

  • Bug Fixes
    • always check for optional shortname (regardless if some names contain non-shortname parens) in synthesized grant patterns
    • exclude shortname of versioned siblings in synthesized grant patterns
    • use only defined publisher in synthesized name patterns
  • Test Suite
    • avoid chained comparison in test, unsupported in older perls
    • use Test2::V0 for test regexp-pattern.t
  • Other
    • Added: add licenses bsd_protection condor condor_1_1 crossword d_fsl d_fsl_1 dbad dbad_0_2 dbad_0_3 dbad_1 dbad_1_1 dont_ask fair_source fair_source_0_9 fal fal_1_1 fal_1_2 fal_1_3 festival glide ibm_pibs ijg imlib2 leptonica libtiff mpich2 mpl_2_no_copyleft_exception ms_cl nbpl nbpl_1 nosl nosl_1 odbl odbl_1 odc_by odc_by_1 pddl pddl_1 peer_production sax_pd sds sds_1 sncl_1_10 sncl_2_0_1 sncl_2_0_2 sncl_2_1 sncl_2_3 stlport truecrypt truecrypt_3 vspl wordnet wordnet_3 xfree86 xfree86_1_1 ypl ypl_1 ypl_1_1 zed zend zend_2 zimbra zimbra_1_3 zimbra_1_4
    • collect names and captions separately in synthesized grant patterns
    • deduplicate name prefix/suffix in synthesized grant patterns
    • deduplicate names in synthesized grant patterns
    • extend internal function _join_pats to handle hashref options label prefix suffix
    • tighten version matching in synthesized grant patterns


Regular expressions for legal licenses
Regular expressions for licensing sub-parts