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Changes for version 0.05 - 2018-09-16

  • Update rocksdb (5.15.10)


rocksdb::AssociativeMergeOperator object
rocksdb::BatchResult object
rocksdb::BloomFilterPolicy object
rocksdb::Cache object
rocksdb::CompactionFilter object
rocksdb::Comparator object
rocksdb::FilterPolicy object
rocksdb::FixedPrefixTransform object
rocksdb::Iterator object
rocksdb::LDBTool object
rocksdb::Cache object
rocksdb::MergeOperator object
rocksdb::SliceTransform object
rocksdb::Snapshot object
rocksdb::Statistics object
rocksdb::TransactionLogIterator object
rocksdb::WriteBatch object
rocksdb::WriteBatchHandler object
multiple data access and database admin commands


Perl extension for RocksDB