Changes for version 0.77

  • Added the 'action' option to the default config for forms. Added file extension restrictions in the default column definition for 'image'. Updated checks for the existence of the auto base class generated by Rose::DB::Object::Loader (Reported by Matt Vink). Suppress empty 'options' warnings from CGI::FormBuilder for foreign key and relationship columns in render_as_form(). Cloned 'order' to detach it before passing to forms in render_as_table(). Allowed render_as_table()'s build-in controller labels to be changeable via the 'controllers' option. Improved timestamp keyword search in render_as_table() - updated 'for_search' formatting method in timestamp column definition. Handle foreign key like columns (i.e. columns having the same name with a real foreign key column in another table being loaded) in generating 'for_view' formatting methods for foreign keys. Handle arrays and hashes returned by 'for_edit' formatting methods in render_as_form(). Updated internal _unique() to make provision upcoming modules. Added for_edit filtering callback to boolean column definition. Code refactoring. Updated POD.


Web UI Rendering for Rose::DB::Object