spvmdist - Generating SPVM Distribution


  usage: spvmdist [<options>] <class name> [<dir>]
    spvmdist Foo
    spvmdist Foo My-Foo
    spvmdist Foo::Bar::Baz
    spvmdist --native c Foo
    spvmdist --native c++ Foo
    spvmdist --precompile Foo
    spvmdist --resource Foo

    -h, --help                     Show this message
    -v, --version                  Show the version
    -q, --quiet                    Quiet output
    -f, --force                    Force to generate files
    --native=<language>            Add native files and setting
    --precompile                   Add precompile setting
    --only-lib-files               Output only the files in "lib" directory
    --no-pm-file                   Don't output Perl module(.pm) file
    --resource                     Output files for a resource distribution
    --genlib                       Shortcut for --only-lib-files --no-pm-file
    --user-name=<name>             User name
    --user-email=<email>           User email


spvmdist is the command to generate a SPVM distribution.

Copyright & License

Copyright 2023 Yuki Kimoto. All Rights Reserved.

MIT License.