Changes for version 0.10

  • die() if unknown options are passed to SWISH::API::Remote::new()
  • added new HEADERS, CHARS and META search options as per pek (Peter Karman) suggestions
  • added SWISH::API::Remote's 'timeout' field for LWP, documented
  • added to documentation, updated example to specify index and options
  • added 'query', 'stopwords' and 'headers' fields to SWISH::API::Results as per pek's additions and documented
  • updated example in pod of to specify index and options
  • added pek's swished_example.cgi to new example/ subdir
  • moved swishedsearch example to new subdir example/
  • don't install swishedsearch in perl's bin/ directory (via Makefile.PL)
  • SWISH::API::Result::Properties are returned sorted
  • updated copyrights to show 2004-2006, not 2004
  • corrected, added to and improved documentation and TODO file
  • there is no version 0.08 or 0.09


Perl module to perform searches on a swished daemon server
An index header names/value, from a swished server
Represents a single 'hit' from swished
Represents the results of a search on a swished server


in lib/SWISH/API/Remote/
in lib/SWISH/API/Remote/