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Changes for version 0.75

  • 3.1.0 release of swish3 cli:
    • remove --lucy_highlightable and replace with -I (--Indexer_opts)
    • rename --aggregator_opts to --Aggregator_opts


information retrieval application framework
document aggregation base class
index DB records with Swish-e
crawl a filesystem
crawl a filesystem of email messages
index Perl objects with Swish-e
simple in-memory cache class
base class for SWISH::Prog classes
read/write Swish-e config files
Document object class for passing to SWISH::Prog::Indexer
create document headers for Swish-e -S prog
base indexer class
base class for Swish-e inverted indexes
read/write InvIndex metadata
wrapper around Swish-e binary
the native Swish-e index format
result class for SWISH::API::Object
wrapper for SWISH::API::Object
simple in-memory FIFO queue class
filename mangler
base result class
base results class
base searcher class
test indexer class
utility variables and methods