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Changes for version 0.10

  • Added the setting of gid, uid and mode within This should resolve the problem of the semaphore and shared memory segmenets being removed under RHEL v5.*. svn log -r 171:178


A test handler for Scaffold
Web Application Infrastructure
The Base environment for Scaffold
The base class for Caching in Scaffold
Caching is based on fastmmap.
Maintains the cache subsystem for Scaffold
Caching is based on memcached.
A Perl extension for the Supervisor environment
Define useful constants for the Scaffold environment
The Scaffold interface to Plack/psgi
The base class for Scaffold Handlers
The default handler
A handler for Ext.Direct RPC requests
A handler to for the poller
A handler to handle "favicon.ico" files
A handler to handle "robots.txt" files
A handler for static files
The base class for locking within Scaffold
Use the KeyedMutex daemon for resource locking.
Use SysV IPC for resource locking.
Use SysV semaphores for resource locking.
The base class for Scaffold plugins
The base class for rendering.
The default renderer for Scaffold.
Use the Template Toolkit to render pages.
Implementing Routes for url dispatching within Scaffold
The Scaffold web engine
The class for Sessions in Scaffold
Use Scaffold's internal caching
The base class for the stash within Scaffold
A stash of cookies
A plugin to manage cookies
The internal view of an output page.
An Basic Authentication Framework
An abstract base class to use as a pattern for your AuthorizeFactory.
A default authorization module.
A rule that grants permission to do everything.
A handler for the /login url.
A handler for /logout url
A plugin to do authentication within the Scaffold framework
A base class for rules.
A module that defines a basic user object.
Utilitiy functions for Scaffold


in lib/Scaffold/