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Changes for version 0.023

  • Change: 3f5b8fe0e03a4995e9d0657513c594692e0201e4 Author: Jerome Eteve <> Date : 2017-11-15 10:15:07 +0000
    • Added missing test dep


Manage long term processes over arbitrary large spans of time.
A base class for all LongSteps processes.
An abstract storage class for steps
An automatically deployed storage.
A built-in DBIx::Class Schema for the AutoDBIx storage
A built in DBIx::Class resultset for the AutoDBIx storage schema
DBIx::Class based storage.
A DynamoDB backed longstep storage.
DBIx::Class based storage.


in lib/Schedule/LongSteps/Storage/
in lib/Schedule/LongSteps/Storage/