Changes for version 0.104 - 2020-09-09

  • promote v0.102 und v0.103 trial releases
  • add author test for Changes file

Changes for version 0.103 - 2020-09-08 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • minor documentation updates and corrections
  • redesign internal interfaces below School::Code::Compare::Charset
  • disable experimental::smartmatch warning above Perl v5.18 because 'when'

Changes for version 0.102 - 2020-08-30 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • update examples to current syntax in compare-code documentation
  • replace 'given' with 'for' and require v5.14


find files with similar code


'naive' metrics for code similarity
remove whitespace, comments and unessential chars from text
trim whitespace since it's mostly irrelevant
collapse words and numbers into abstract placeholders
remove word characters completely
guess if two strings are so similar, that it's maybe cheating
don't clutter app with parsing of arguments
organize the output to different formats
pseudo class to help locating the path of the template files