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Changes for version 2.6 - 2012-03-17

  • Project is now hosted on GitHub:
    • Migrate to LWP::UserAgent from WWW::Mechanize because what we are doing really is pretty simple.
    • Migrate from regexp-based parsing of output to using HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath to parse the HTML and XML::XPathEngine to extract
    • Add a new 'Commercial Mail Receiving Facility' attribute to Address and the parsing, to match what is presently on the USPS web site.
    • Copyright date updates
  • NOTE: The support for 'firm' in addresses is looking like it really doesn't work. I've not deleted it but am considering doing so. I tried making a unit test that exercised it but was not able to get the test working in a reasonable amount of time for this release.


Standardize U.S. postal addresses.
U.S. postal addresses.