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Changes for version 6.81 - 2020-06-26

  • Bumped to version 6.81

Changes for version 6.80_1 - 2020-03-11

  • Bumped to version 6.80


Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 0_90.x APIs
A helper module for the Bulk API and for reindexing
Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 0.90 APIs
A client for running cluster-level requests
A client for running index-level requests
This class contains the spec for the Elasticsearch APIs
Provides common functionality to Elasticseach::Client::0_90::Bulk and Search::Elasticsearch::Client::0_90::Async::Bulk
Provides common functionality to Search::Elasticsearch::Client::0_90::Scroll and Search::Elasticsearch::Client::0_90::Async::Scroll
A helper module for scrolled searches
Client-specific backend for Search::Elasticsearch::TestServer