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Changes for version 0.51

  • More docs.
  • Typo reported by Jun Kuriyama
  • Work with Senna >= 1.0.0

Changes for version 0.50_04

  • Add missing test file
  • Revamp Senna::Snippet API. Look ma, it works!

Changes for version 0.50_03

  • Fix selected usage of sen_record_info() to use sen_sym_info()
  • Fix silly reversed if-else condition
  • Add tests

Changes for version 0.50_02

  • Fix silly typo bug in Senna::Index->open (fix by yappo)
  • Fix other silly typos
  • Fix Makefile.PL (to certain extent). For some reason I can no longer compile with the default setup, and so I need to perform ugly hacks, such as copying "typemap" and "Senna.xs" to different locations. Should you need to re-compile this module after running Makefile.PL once, make sure to re-run Makefile.PL to make sure things work

Changes for version 0.50_01

  • WARNING! This release breaks backward compatibility! *
  • Revamp API to match that of libsenna 0.8.0.
  • Bump up version to 0.50 to make it clear we're doing something new.
  • We no longer support libsenna versions prior to 0.8.0.
  • Constants are now located at Senna::Constants
  • Deprecated Senna::Cursor Senna::Result
  • Add new modules: Senna::Constants Senna::OptArg::Select Senna::OptArg::Sort Senna::Query Senna::RC Senna::Records Senna::Record Senna::Set Senna::Snippet Senna::Sym Senna::Values


Perl Interface To Senna Fulltext Search Engine
Constant Values In libsenna
Interface to Senna's Index
Wrapper Around sen_select_optarg
Wrapper Around sen_sort_optarg
Wrapper Around sen_query
Wrapper for sen_rc
Senna Search Record
Wrapper for sen_records Data Type
Wrapper Around sen_set
Wrapper Around sen_snip
Wrapper Around sen_sym
Wrapper Around sen_values