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Changes for version 0.30 - 2013-09-18

  • No code changes.
  • Add t/intersection.*.pl as part of the expanded discussion of methods such as intersection(). This code was developed in conjunction with Joern Behre, to help clear up confusion over the issue of the uniqueness of items returned from various methods.
  • Add an FAQ with an item discussing this issue.
  • Expand the discussion of overloaded operators to recommend testing of the output of various methods before production use, and that unique() may need to be called, since unique() is not called automatically during a call to, say, intersection().
  • Include docs for bag(), difference(), intersection(), is_equal() and not_equal() explicitly among all other methods, besides their original mention under 'OVERLOADED (COMPARISON) OPERATORS'.
  • Include docs for new() as well.


Arrays as objects with lots of handy methods