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Changes for version 0.60 - 2013-02-07

  • Same as 0.59. Make it non TRIAL :)


Executable for ShipIt


software release tool
holds/parses config info for a project
abstract base class for different types of projects
holds state between steps
a unit of work to be done prior to a release
copies/adds/commits distfile to local (svn) directory
abstract base class for version control systems
ShipIt's git support
ShipIt's Mercurial support
ShipIt's SVK support
ShipIt's subversion support


in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/AutoConf.pm
in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl.pm
in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl/MakeMaker.pm
in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl/ModuleBuild.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/ChangeRPMVersion.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/ChangeVersion.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/CheckChangeLog.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/Commit.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/DistTest.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/FindVersion.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/MakeDist.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/Tag.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Step/UploadCPAN.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Util.pm
in lib/ShipIt/Util.pm
in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl.pm