Changes for version 0.07 - 2010-12-06

  • added select_and_wait()
  • moved the start_time variable into the base class
  • moved the handle_command up into the base class
  • escape backticks for option names, to allow crazy options
  • Fix a bug to allow UTF8 characters in regexps - Thanks Takatoshi Kitano
  • Add the 'include' command to the base fixture
  • move non-selenium functions into the fixture base class
  • add a 'set_default' method that is like ||=
  • Allow handle_command to pass through more than 2 args.
  • fix a test


Base class for tests specified on a wiki page
Executes wiki tables using Selenium RC
Load wiki pages as Test plan objects
Execute tests defined on wiki pages


in lib/Socialtext/WikiFixture/
in lib/Socialtext/WikiFixture/