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Changes for version 0.03

  • all files have automatically generated version numbers from CVS
  • enhanced the test cases not to fail in other environments but mine
  • Libdevinfo::prom_props now returns 'undef' if access to the PROM is not possible
  • selection of attributes and properties now works (devtool -p)
  • determination of the solaris name in 'devtree -p' is now globally available in solaris_device
  • cleanup of POD documentation
  • Solaris::DeviceTree is now Solaris::DeviceTree::Overlay
  • Solaris::DeviceTree::Util no longer exists. The methods have been split up to Solaris::DeviceTree::Node and Solaris::DeviceTree::OBP


Perl interface to the Solaris devicetree
Print information about the device tree in Solaris


Foreign function interface to the Solaris libdevinfo library
Perl interface to /dev and /devices
Minor node of the Solaris device filetree
Perl interface to the Solaris devinfo library
Minor node of the Solaris devicetree
Property of a node of the Solaris devicetree
Abstract base class for all device nodes
Utility functions for OBP access
Unification of multiple devicetrees
Generic minor node of the devicetree
Perl interface to /etc/path_to_inst