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Changes for version 1.1 - 2006-06-28

  • Updated DTD w/ several new features
  • Added code support for ranges; updated options on unsupported dtd element to match Spreadsheet::WriteExcel methods (See DTD)
  • Added margins (see DTD). Based on Spreadsheet::WriteExcel methods; note that for standard set_margins you need to set CDATA (<margins>5</margins>)
  • Added headers & footers, with margins for same (attributes of worksheet)
  • Added a worksheet attribute flag for landscape paper orientation (if set, landscape, else, portrait)
  • Added a paper type attribute on worksheet; set according to documentation for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel (or see comment notes in dtd)
  • Added halign and valign to format; these allow usability of the two separate types as Spreadsheet::WriteExcel allows; if you set either of these, the align attribute is ignored.
  • TODO: Update tests to represent new code. I have some test stuff that can be used.