Changes for version 0.06 - 2013-12-15

  • added methods autocovariance(), correlogram()
  • made class object descendant of (ISA) Statistics::Data to make available all its load(), save(), etc. methods here
  • added handling lag => 0, which is now the default lag (no longer lag => 1)
  • added handling of negatively signed lags
  • corrected some circularized lagging issues; prior results only accurate if lag => 1, if at all, not implemented if exact => 1
  • removed "efficient" option in coefficient() - see the new option "unbias" that defines this better (for now)
  • revised misc. other aspects of methods for calculating exact coefficients - more issues to be reviewed
  • added expanded checks for non-zero variance before division
  • added NIST-published example for testing of default (non-circularized and approximate) values returned from coefficient()
  • added some function transcripts into POD manual, among misc manual revisions
  • versions 0.03 to now had the same changes as above but with dist issues for cpan.


Coefficients for any lag, as correlogram, with significance tests