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Changes for version 0.15

  • _precisioned changed to not precision if value is integer
  • added giving values to stats_hash and dump as an array-ref; simpler, & the elements returned (in dump's print) are in the order, left to right, as given. But ...
  • retained giving values as a hash - permits also giving arguments per element - e.g., values => { z_value => 1, p_value => { exact => 1 } }, in a later version
  • added, while keeping the hash (as above), 'psisq' within dump's ordering list - so it precedes p_value when called from Vnomes - a temporary hack
  • removed default look-up of observed() and p_value() methods in stats_hash; might not exist and croak; was not documented
  • misc other edits of stats_hash() and dump()
  • added Diagnostics section in POD


Common methods/interface for sub-module sequential tests (of Runs, Joins, Pot, etc.)